Impact Play




Impact Play is also just BDSM.

Impact can be done with a bare hand, cane, flogger, paddle, whip, hair brush, or a swift kick to the balls.

Your choice!!!

I can go light, medium, hard, what do you dream of?



That flogger does not look like much but take a look at the metal studs at the tip!!!!!!




Those are suction cups to torture the nerves while I caned him.






Do you want just a good smack with a simple paddle?

I can do that!! 


That thick cane leaves a great thud on your...




Leather and lace, and a pink flogger?

Sweetness can be a bitch




Oh this soft bat was so much fun!!!

I have since lost this bat but the look on my face of intent is priceless


This pet laid down so I could kick him right between the legs...

Hurts so good???



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