HERE IS MY NEW REFERENCE POLICY as of August 21, 2017.

Very simple...

With my hectic schedule, I am extremely strict on my NO reference policy.

Do not ask for an exception, do not ask for a reference outside of joining P411.

Nobody is entitled to a reference.

I have had one too many issues trying to be a team player, even for years after I stopped accepting references, I still gave them...

but now, NO more...


Click here to join P411 if we have met use me as a reference or you can join on your own. 


Ladies do NOT contact me to ask me if a guy was OK, if I marked him OK, he was OK with me.

I do not have any responsibilty how a guy acts when not in my company so I do not want to be involved in any way.


I am always happy to provide a reference for free anytime to see  JennaLove.


I will white list on TER for free when I feel it is appropriate-please NEVER ask but do be sure that I know you have the account.


I do not deal with Datecheck or any other site not already mentioned anymore.









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