Unless a specific city is listed, or I have it marked OFF

you can attempt to get screened for me to travel anywhere in the USA to see you!

Most of the time I am in the Orlando-Tampa- Daytona stretch.

I am happy to visit anywhere - please see my donations page.

At this time, I do not have any general tours planned, if this changes-

I will post it here and my Twitter so please do not contact me to ask when...

joining my newsletter is also a great way to stay up to date.





I get asked all the time, is it too early to book for...

NOOOOOOOOO, it is never too early as currently I have regular appointments scheduled going months out so BOOK NOW to make sure you get your requested date!

WHY book so early?

Conferences and many vacations are usually planned 6-9 months in advance.

Many snow birds book weekly visits knowing months will go by without access to me!

I am a low volume provider so if you think you want to see me on a future date, let me know at least to pencil you in after screening.   




Room Service anyone?


My home base is Orlando, Fl.

I am always willing to travel to see a great person.

Effective 9/2/17, I will be sticking to a really set schedule. 

Day-I will not be available until noon to host incall or leave to do outcall and I want to be in my own bed at midnight.

Your schedule request should be reflective of this.

Do keep in mind same day requests are rarely available unless we have already met so please plan ahead and/or be prescreened.

I am in Florida unless noted on my home page or here that I am visiting elsewhere.






If you do not know what Incall or Outcall means let me explain!

Incall means you go to the providers supplied location. 

A provider is an escort or Mistress/Dominatrix/Dom...

It can be her home, dungeon, set "incall" apartment, or hotel.


Outcall means the provider comes to your location.


I can make arrangements with you privately to provide incall in any city location if you do not have the outcall location or cannot get a hotel in your own name.

Just ask me. Once you are screened, we will make it all work.


I am very active on my Twitter about taking time off and staying up to date so check out my Twitter if you are on a time crunch to see if I am available.





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