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Screening Information. I do not accept direct references except from JennaLove. Ref's that have been vouched on P411 or TER are acceptable.

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If you want to be screened via work, please describe safest way to get you. Something like I'm Brenda looking to confirm your dr apt so I get through to you without any red flags.

About you personal- not required to fill out but I do appreciate getting a feel for who you might be!

It's nice to have a face to look forward to meeting. Photo NO penis pictures!
Is there anything you think I should know before we begin our date to make it better?
Do you have a Twitter account you would like me to follow you back on if screening is verified? If yes, what is your handle?

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About Miss Boobies

Special Request(s) Any Likes or Dislikes such as do not wear perfume or wear hair down?
If I'm coming to you, what kind of outfit would you like me to arrive in? jeans, dress, etc?
Would you like any special lingerie for me to wear?
Since I show me in different looks- please agree you see I am now currently a thin brunette- sorry blonde lovers!!!

Reviews & References ** I do not use Datecheck any longer as of 2-17-17.**

If we meet please agree to never disclose my information to anyone without my consent. Please respect & read my reference policy page. *
Please agree to not review me without my consent. Lets talk in private about why! *

Donation Calculator. Add up below and actually write it on last line like $800 - don't write ok... I do not leave early, but I do not stay late, so book the time you need/want!!

Please agree to not hand me the donation, discuss it, point to it. Please leave it where I show you to leave it in the bathroom: *
What session are you starting with- please review my donations page: *
If you want additional hours, how many? Gift per extra hour is $100 in Orlando, $200 Central FL, or $300 on tour:
Do you want to pay by credit card with a $100 service fee? This must be done before I arrive. This does not apply to prepaid tour dates:
Do you want to have dinner and drinks before or after playtime? The additional gift is $150.
Do you want my straight guy friend present for a threesome? Extra gift is $300:
Do you want my tranny or bisexual friend there for a threesome 1 hour $400:
Do you need me to get a hotel for incall in your area? If yes what is the cost for me to spend? This must be prepaid:
Do you want your wife or girlfriend to join? Additional gift is half of yours.
What is the total gift? Please be sure to have this correct. *

Fetish Information Keep in mind I am always the Dom/Top. Do NOT EVER attempt any of this on me.

Do you have a role playing scene you want to try? If yes describe:
Do you like blindfolds or willing to try?
Do you like gags or willing to try?
Do you like restraints or willing to try?
Do you like Mumification or willing to try?
Do you like strap ons or willing to try?
Do you like foot fetish stuff or willing to try?
Do you like nipple torture or willing to try?
Do you like CBT or willing to try? CBT is Cock & Ball Torture:
Do you like verbal humiliation or willing to try?
Do you like sissy training or willing to try?
Do you like to cross dress or want to try?
Do you like candle wax burns or willing to try?
Do you like being spit on or willing to try?
Do you like electrical stimulation or willing to try?
Do you like hair pulling or willing to try?
Do you like be paddled or willing to try?
Do you like being caned or willing to try?
Do you like being flogged or willing to try?
Do you like breath play or willing to try?
Do you like sounds or willing to try? (metal rods put down your pee hole!):
Do you like the Violet Wand?
Any fetish you enjoy that I missed that you would like to let me know about? I do NOT ever engage in any blood or scat play.
Do you like Tease & Denial? If yes, how long do you like it to go on?
Are you claustrophobic? *
Do you take ANY RX that can affect play? Blood thinners, Viagra, etc: *
Do you have any latex allergy or anything I should be aware of? *
Do you have any hard limit that can scare or ruin your mood? *
Do you have a penis pump or any device I should be aware of?

Review your request

Did you/Please take a moment to really review your email, phone, & general listed info on this request. Typos cause many missed dates! *

Want to move to be my first email/screening I open?

Send $100.00 via a giftcard to

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You can even buy these in a store in cash so there is no online record. 

If you choose this method, you will have a much greater chance of seeeing me if same day request or in times when I am super busy.

On average I get 50 screening requests a day.

There are days I miss a chance to see somebody because I am wasting time weeding through screening forms.

This new idea will show me you are sincere

AND BEST OFF, if you do this, you can take $200 off our session!

This will NOT get you verified, you must be able to be screened out.

I will not be on lazy on screening because you sent me a gift card.

I screen many different ways so as long as you are willing to be transparent of who you really are, or if you have lots of P411 vouches, multiple whitelists etc you should be no problem no screen.


You do NOT have to do this. 

I will still screen you once I get to the request.

This is good for one time only starting 6/28/17.
























I do understand screening can seem intrusive but if you want to see me, you must show me your sincerity by respecting the process I have decided works for me.



The only "ladies" that do not screen are thieves, crackheads, or cops.



If you have an issue with how much information I ask, please go see somebody with lower standards.



I will NEVER lower my standards or risk my safety to appease somebody else. 



If you are freaked out by screening forms via a website,  you may send ONE email to with all the information marked here as required.

I will NOT go back and forth pulling information out of you. In this "hobby" many degenerate men get their rocks off wasting ladies time with half assed screening info knowing full well they either cannot afford to see them or do not qualify so my screening may seem harsh, but it is for a reason.



I am an upscale companion that takes my time screening safely for my comfort.



I do NOT use an assistant so I am the only one to see your private information.



Your information is never sold or disclosed to anybody without your consent. 



My websites screning form is not processed in the USA so there is no risk regarding law related officials getting your information.



You do not need to fill out the Fetish related questions if you are only vanilla!



I screen many different ways so fill out as much as you can and I will do my best to verify you to my satisfaction



I do work a full time regular job so please understand it maybe several days before I can get back to you.



Unless you are blantantly stupid or rude in your request, if I am unable to verify you,  I will at least respond to say I cannot make a meeting work.




I appreciate your interest in meeting me.





















































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