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Think of reviewing my site as a journey to pleasure!

Here you will find what you need to know to be sure I can make your fantasies become reality!

Take time to really explore my site.

I have spent a great deal of time to convey who I am so you can relax and know you will be in great hands with me.

There are plenty of ladies in this hobby world that are beautiful to look at but it stops with physical beauty.... 

with me, my best quality is my mind & my heart, to care for your needs,

to be the friend who will never judge you no matter how crazy you want to be.

Please do not get fooled by others who only want your money and do not care about anything other than checking off what they are expected to do during a session...

I am a very caring, passionate, & mature GFE Escort and or Dominatrix to savor each moment with!  







I am the upscale 100% GFE Dominatrix you need to add some

sexy kink to your life or if you are straight vanilla, no worries, I love good old fashion fucking too!!!

I am skilled at the Art of Seduction, the Sin of BDSM, and I am perfect at blending them seamlessly when desired!




With the eyes of an angel...



The mind of a Sensual Dominatrix



with the body & spirit to outlast many ladies half my age

makes for your new Heaven on Earth!!!


that is me back in the beginning days of my naughty fun as a blonde!!

I am very easy and fun to spend time with but very strict on who I let into my little world of mischief!

I am not available to women under 35 or men under 40, please do not be rude and ask for an exception.









In 2013, I went to the dark side!!!

The dark haired side that is... and lost about 15 pounds. 

I still show me as a thick blonde throughout the site because some of the pictures

are too awesome to waste because of changes!

Proceed if a hot brunette works for you but know I am a true GFE bubbly blonde

just as much as I am a Raven haired Dominatrix








I have spent a lot of time creating my site to make you comfortable to know as much about me as you possibly can.

I feel that adds to the excitement of knowing I have more than a hot body and pretty face to offer.

I care about the actual core of getting to know each other!

I am an elite companion catering to gentleman who demand only the best.

I have mixed my pictures to keep the pages interesting.

I love the glamour pro pictures but enjoy showing my unfiltered selfies too

so you can see I am not some photoshoped idea of what I want to look like,

what you see on my site is what you can enjoy in person if you can get past my screening.





Thanks for coming to take a look!

My main goal each day of my life is to wake up healthy, to succeed in my regular business,

to share a little bit of my soul with those who are looking for a discrete and exciting session that is meant to enhance them personally,

and to come home safely just as most people want to after being away all day.

I have been blessed to now enjoy my life as I see fit.

Although I am a business woman, I am warm, sensual, fun, and exactly what you need.

No judgements, no worries about some woman getting attached to you to cause any issue for you.

I want to give you what you crave and send you home happier than you left.

So, if you are ready for the time of your life, fill out the screening form, or contact me through TER or P411.

I do not see everybody. 

Money is not my first motivation, my safety and comfort level is paramount.

If we meet,

I want to make sure I leave you breathless and begging for more!






If you are like most people you probably tried to "play" the video type of picture?? 

It does not work on purpose!

I want to make sure you are really reading the words on my site.

I want you to get a sense of me so you can start looking forward to meeting the sexy & witty soul that I am!

SO I gotcha ya!!!

So pay attention from here on in because there is so much more to me than a pretty face with a hot body!

I want to make your fantasies CUM true, build long term arrangements, and just enjoy life!

Are ready for a journey with me!?

I do not list where I am exactly to stay a little more discrete. 

I currently have an incall in Orlando and Outcall is always available.


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