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The best way to see what I am up to is to visit my Twitter page!

I am always posting new pictures and having fun!

I do not follow back unless I know you or you have really caught my attention!

I like to actually stay up to date with my Tweethearts-

if I followed everybody there is just no way I could know what my true Tweethearts are up to!

I feel very blessed to receive e-gift cards through Twitter.

If you want to make my day, an e giftcard can be emailed to

for Petco!




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Snap Chat Fun

Want to see me live on SnapChat to answer any respectful questions you may have, have video sex, etc

Send me $100 for ten minutes through an Amazon e-giftcard to

Once you get that it has been received, send me one very short paragraph with your contact information for us to schedule a time and if you have an outfit requests, I may meet your request! 

Do not ask for me to be naked or do sexual acts- NOT going to happen for $100 

You can be naked!

You can do sexual acts!

It's your time- have fun with yourself!!!!

If I have declined you for a date, I may reject your snap chat gift.





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